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3 Reasons Why You Must Learn an Online Skill & Start an Online Business

It has never been easier to start an online business than today, where everyone has access to the internet, not to mention an influx of online information that is cheaply and readily available. Let me rephrase that whole part. The Future of Education is already here; it’s called ‘The Internet.’ Whatever you want to learn is right there. From blogs, to podcasts, online courses, you name it! The only barrier is discipline. With a conscious search, you can easily access credible information and online courses that are tailored to suit your need(s).

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WEEKLY ANALYSIS TRADE SETUPS: GBPJPY & AUDCAD – (29th April – 3rd May, 2019)📈📊💰

We are going to look at the Pound Yen which is often referred to as the monster. It’s notorious for causing many traders financial and emotional turmoil .Price has been rallying since December last year. Soon after we went into a consolidation period in the form of a descending triangle.

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WEEKLY ANALYSIS TRADE SETUPS: GBPUSD & AUDCHF – (22nd – 26th April, 2019)📈📊💰

On this week’s analysis, we’ll be looking at the daily chart of pound dollar. Swiftly we can see price has been on an uptrend since December last year. Early this year, price topped twice at the major resistance level. A consolidation followed thereafter in the form of a descending triangle. Within the triangle it is visible that

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Mastering Your Trading Psychology

Even though you may have the expertise in Forex Trading, that is not the only factor that determines your long term success as a Forex trader. You may have all the knowledge and the know-how on Forex trading strategies, efficient and faster platforms and risk management but without knowing how to manage your emotions, you cannot become successful in trading Forex. Remember that precious money is involved while trading and it can be easily lost. In this blog, we will discuss about the kind of emotions that a Forex Trader should avoid to achieve success.

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NZDUSD This week we are going to follow up on the NZDUSD pair, mainly based on the weekly analysis we did back in mid-February.  The NZDUSD pair seems to have taken a ranging motion.  It no longer consolidates to form a symmetrical triangle but has been bouncing between the resistance and support level as captured […]

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CADJPY During this week’s analysis, we have an example of market confluence. It (market confluence) always increases our chances of being profitable as it offers high probability setups. Looking left we see price has been falling steeply but the trend reversed on a sizeable hammer. Bulls took over then the bears resumed with their downtrend […]

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WEEKLY ANALYSIS TRADE SETUPS: EURUSD (4th March – 8th March, 2019)📈📊💰

This week, we are going to look at the most liquid currency pair. Right away looking left, it’s clear price has been trending strongly bullish. Bulls got exhausted at the top and bears took over and have been successful driving the market bearish. Price has been consolidating in the form of a falling wedge in […]