Analyzing the weekly chart of the Canadian Dollar versus the Japanese Yen, there’s a double top that broke out in the past week. Price has been quite choppy for the last year and three months throwing different patterns at different stages of the consolidation. Currently the double top with a break out below is a potential bearish indication.


Ensuing the breakout , we need to see a confirmation candlestick which will increase the  probability of price falling lower. The confirmation may come as a retest or another bearish candlestick. One can observe the price action confirmation on a  lower time frame such as the daily, for clearer and prompt signals.


We last looked at the weekly chart of the Australian Dollar versus the Japanese Yen at the beginning of last month where our mother candle was the last candle on the chart. Ours was to see for how long the bears would control this market. The 3 following weeks candlesticks’ resulted in forming inside bars. Later there was a breakout candle that went all the way to the beginning of the ascending wedge.


Inside bars are potential continuation candlestick patterns. Testament  to that is the breakout candlestick that continued the downtrend.In our comprehensive Forex course we teach on trading various chart patterns wedges included. This particular wedge played out exactly how we teach especially on the target and it’s no surprise we had a bearish bias all along.

Disclaimer: This analysis is for educational and general information only and not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest. Do your own research/analysis and don’t blindly enter trades based on the analysis.


A steep downtrend on the daily chart of the New Zealand dollar versus the Swiss Franc recently consolidated in a double top with a slanting neckline. The pattern further broke out followed by a confirmation candle a sign that the downtrend may persist. Price is currently at a very significant support zone. With our main trend being bearish and a pattern breaking out below we are already forming a bearish bias .


As much as we have concluded that sellers are in control if this market, price action is going to guide as moving forward on the next market state. At the significant level, price may be supported resulting in a reversal or break through and carry on with the waterfall of prices.


On the daily chart of the British Pound versus the Canadian dollar, there’s an occurrence of a head and shoulder pattern that  has taken a month to form. We have been closely monitoring this currency pair having featured it at the first week of the year, where we concluded it was at the resistance level of a descending channel. A head and shoulder pattern forming at the resistance level of the channel further strengthens our bearish bias. Price broke out of the neckline and receded back above the neckline.


This could be a retest of the neckline but only time and price action confirmation will tell. If the neckline is successfully tested and price breaks out below, then very high chances are that we will see bears coming in and pushing prices lower.

Disclaimer: This analysis is for educational and general information only and not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest. Do your own research/analysis and don’t blindly enter trades based on the analysis.


New Zealand dollar versus the Swiss Franc on the weekly time frame shows a down trending market within a descending wedge. The pattern suggests that the main trend is bearish. Bears have been moving the market lower for the last 3 years. Currently price has formed a pin bar followed by a confirmation candlestick. This candlestick pattern is a potential reversal signal.


In as much as we have a sign that the market may reverse or change direction keep in mind that the market trend is bearish. The reversal may be short lived, happen imminently or not happen at all. Price action will continue to guide us on which of the above scenarios is most likely to happen.


The US dollar versus the Canadian Dollar on the weekly time frame depicts a clear descending triangle. Price has been within this consolidation for one year and four months. Price is at the resistance level of this particular pattern. Rejection of higher prices at this point would be a good bearish sign. Last week’s candlestick closed below the resistance zone.


Another bearish candlestick would act as confirmation that bears are getting into the market. Sellers may then decide to move price lower heading towards our near term level. However bulls may take charge and cause a breakout above the pattern. As usual price action confirmation will guide us accordingly.

Disclaimer: This analysis is for educational and general information only and not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest. Do your own research/analysis and don’t blindly enter trades based on the analysis.


Analyzing the daily chart of the British Pound versus the US dollar (GBPUSD)a fortnight ago  we got to see a symmetrical triangle.At the time price had been resisted by the upper boundary of the triangle while also being supported by the lower boundary. The chart pattern had not broken out then but has since broken out below during the past week.


It is clear that the bears are dominant and consequently led to a breakout below. At the moment our bias is bearish. We have seen the breakout candle and a confirmation. Chances are high that price will continue going lower and lower probably heading towards out near term level in the coming weeks.


On the weekly chart on the US dollar vs the Japanese Yen there’s an ascending channel that has been persistent for 6 months. Last weeks’ candle was a bullish engulfing which is a powerful potential reversal candlestick formation. The engulfing covered the previous candlestick and the gap that occurred 2 weeks ago.


Since we’re in an ascending channel ,the main trend is bullish. The bullish engulfing further strengthens the latter. Stay tuned on this market to see whether the bulls will push past the resistance area shown by the trend line or a reversal due to the resistance will occur. 

Disclaimer: This analysis is for educational and general information only and not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest. Do your own research/analysis and don’t blindly enter trades based on the analysis.

It’s been a while since I put my pen to paper. It’s 2.17 am, I sit at my desk at home, my eyes fixated on my pen. We have this bond, one that is bound by honor and service. And tonight, it’s my turn to pay for the bargain. That sounds like too much of an affair between me and my pen right? Well, only we know. Let’s engage. Let’s indulge today’s topic, Shall we?  

I love thinking differently. I question most, if not all societal norms. In trading they say, ‘the path of the masses often leads to misery.’ Let’s take the unexplored route. The world has already preached too much about success and achieving one’s goals, which is fine, essentially. But today I invite you to take a ‘not so much explored path,’ that of facing and managing losses in life and in trading. So let’s take a short trip to my mind.

Until you’re bold enough to face your fears of failure, and the manifestation of failure in its realest form, you’ll never be ready for meaningful success in life. Even if success comes early, you might not possess the resilience to see it fly high without getting lost in the hardships encountered therein. This is the quality of possessing the right mindset and discipline. It is the same reason why most athletes and lottery players win millions of dollars only to end up broke in a few years.

Beware to cultivate a space that allows for acceptance and moving on from your losses, both in life and in trading, but not conforming and settling with what’s gone. See the difference? Quit complaining about the things you have no control over. In trading especially, you cannot control the price movements, or the trading volumes/volatility. It adds no value to being too attached to your trades, or trying to ‘predict’ the next trend or price rejection. Our job as traders is to master how patterns form (price action), and to trade them off when they do appear on the charts; but never to trade in their anticipation. One thing that is ultimately in your power is your risk exposure. Every day you get to choose how much you risk on every trade. The masterly of proper risk management is the ultimate power of successful traders. This of course makes sense for those who approach, or looking to approach Forex as a business in all its disciplines.

Most often than not, we don’t give failure and loss so much thought when we set out for a project, career, business or the onset of a new relationship. In most cases, we presume for the best outcome, (total optimism) and fend out the thoughts of any chance of failure and losses whenever they creep into our minds. Don’t get me wrong, it’s unhealthy to entertain the idea of failure when pursuing our life missions, whether it’s in business or relationships. This ideal of course presumes that you took time to evaluate your goals and compatibility. But it’s a different sphere of mental strength to be aware of its possibility, and do everything in your ability to improve yourself and to minimize the chances of failure and losses actually occurring. This is how we define intelligence.

Unfortunately for traders, losses are PART OF OUR DAILY BUSINESS. Losses in trading are our ‘cost of doing business.’ Usually, this is the toughest ideal that most people venturing into the world of trading don’t recognize, accept, and work on their management rather than avoidance. Not so different with life and business, right?  Additionally, it is the very reason why most people don’t stick around to make consistent returns in trading, and criticize how much trading is similar to ‘gambling.’ 

The biggest hedge funds of the world today and the greatest trading legends encounter losses in trading, the same way with any business out there. They don’t run on profits every other week. Paul Tudor Jones, founder of Tudor Investments Corporation, who also adds as one of the world’s greatest traders of our times says it right, “At the end of the day, the most important thing is how good are you at risk control.” What sets him and other successful traders apart is their ability to recognize and the accept losses as an integral part of their trading careers. This is how they have endeavored to reach the peak of their game. Most of the mastery of learning and trading the markets successfully has a lot to do with cultivating the right psychology and expectations.

Therefore, as traders we must accept and channel our energy and focus towards ‘MANAGING LOSSES’ as opposed to ‘AVOIDING LOSSES’ to ensure we keep our losses minimal, and our profits optimal. This is our only chance of achieving a sustainable career out of trading. The best part is that there are parameters available for traders to manage and limit their losses. What’s more exciting is that you don’t need to stay on your screens all day monitoring and ‘controlling’ your losses, everything is set up for you to input the level and the little amount of capital that you are willing to risk in every trade, and leave everything to the markets to work, i.e. after doing your due diligence and analysis. As you walk away after setting up your trades, it’s usually clear on your mind exactly how much dollars you stand to lose should your trade go against your analysis/direction, and how much you stand to gain if it’s a win. In any case, the market does what it wants, and no one trader in the world can control its actions. We call it ‘over-the-counter’ business transactions.

Beware of anyone out there who purports that they don’t make any losses, that their language is that of ‘enormous profits’ as a total scam that you should keep off.

At Fourthstreet Consultants, we are driven by a common approach as we continuously train and mentor traders to achieve consistent returns by trading their own capital, as others add to their resume in securing trading and Financial market consultants job positions in the fast-growing money market industry.

Our Forex Course further takes you through live recorded trading sessions whereby you experience first-hand how to take losses trading real money on live markets. At the end of the day, with all trades and all small losses factored in, we make considerable profits, which is the nature and essence of any legitimate business. Everything is well laid out and demonstrated for you throughout the four Modules of the course. From well-articulated notes that have filtered the ‘noise’ from the internet, to trading videos with rich content demonstrating the various trading strategies, and how to apply them on live markets. Those looking to add another stream of income can sign up for our Trading Course Here to learn and earn from trading the Forex markets.

As I wind up, let us all strive to be people of value. We live in a society that is ‘result-oriented’. It cares less about your journey, or your struggles and failures along the way, but only for the end results. Embrace your own journey, pat yourself at the back with a ‘well done’ for those small achievements along the way because in most cases, No one will.

A. C. Bension said it right, “The Worst Sorrows in Life are not in its Losses and Misfortunes, but its Fears.”


During the second week of January we looked at The Australian Dollar vs the Japanese Yen (AUDJPY) where there was an ascending wedge present. At the time price had just broken out of the wedge and our bias was a high probability bears may take the price lower.


Exactly a month after the analysis, price broke out and we can see that truly sellers came in and pushed for lower prices. Our price pattern acted as a continuation pattern leading to a resume of the bear market. Stay tuned watching this market to see for how long will the sellers control this market manifest.


Three weeks ago on the weekly chart of the British pound versus the New Zealand dollar (GBPNZD), there was formation of inside bars. Price had just topped our major level and moved down a few hundreds of pips to where the inside bars formed. A fortnight later price broke out above the mother candle, signifying a potential move upwards.


Ensuing the breakout above the mother candle,price moved higher. Last week’s candlestick just closed at the major level. In the coming weeks we monitor the pair to determine whether bulls have enough momentum to push price past the major level.

Disclaimer: This analysis is for educational and general information only and not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest. Do your own research/analysis and don’t blindly enter trades based on the analysis.


On the daily timeframe of the Euro versus the Japanese Yen(EURJPY), we have a double top formation. Price was on an uptrend from August last year and both tops of the double top are shy the near term level by a few pips. The near term resistance level has resisted price which caused the formation of the double top.


The market opened on a gap which caused the most recent candlestick to open past the neckline. However we can’t validate this as a breakout just yet. We need a confirmation by another bearish candlestick. Following a confirmation of the breakout, we may be looking at lower future prices.


The British Pound versus the US Dollar (GBPUSD) has been on a tearing uptrend for the past 5 months that topped at the major level. Price has been consolidating at the major level forming a series of higher lows and lower highs which resulted in the formation of a symmetrical triangle.


This particular chart pattern can cause a reversal or a continuation of the previous uptrend depending on the direction of  the breakout. Therefore, we wait for the breakout and price action confirmation and follow price accordingly.

Disclaimer: This analysis is for educational and general information only and not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest. Do your own research/analysis and don’t blindly enter trades based on the analysis.


On the daily chart of the Euro vs the New Zealand Dollar (EURNZD) a downtrend has been trending since October last year. The last 2 months show a consolidation in the form of an ascending channel. At the moment price is at the support level of the ascending channel.


The chart pattern can either be followed by a reversal of the trend following a breakout above the channel or a continuation if the pattern breaks out below. A breakout will guide us accordingly, therefore we stay monitoring the charts until it’s time to pull the trigger.


On the daily chart of the Us dollar vs Swiss Franc (USDCHF) for this week, price broke out below the channel we mentioned during the last week of November last year and it has been on a steep downtrend since then. The market has currently reached the near term level where we have a potential reversal candlestick formation in a pin bar and a bullish confirmation. Furthermore, the pinbar formed as an insider bar and we have a breakout above the mother candle by our confirmation candlestick.


A possibility of a reversal from this point is highly likely. However, it is important to wait for clear signs that the downtrend is over before opening any bullish positions.

Disclaimer: This analysis is for educational and general information only and not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest. Do your own research/analysis and don’t blindly enter trades based on the analysis.


On the British Pound vs the New Zealand Dollar (GBPNZD) weekly chart, we get to see inside bars forming. The last 2 candlesticks have been inside bars to a bearish candle that occurred 2 weeks ago. Price topped at the major level in October last year and has slowly been descending. It is too early now to say that we’re in a downtrend or to suggest that the downtrend has begun.


Inside bars are candlesticks potentially indicating continuation of the trend. In this case our mother candle is bearish. However as usual we need confirmation. For example, a weekly  candlestick closing below the mother candle, would be a bearish indication and vice versa.


On the daily chart of the Euro vs the US Dollar (EURUSD) price is trading within an ascending channel after breaking out of a long term descending wedge. This particular market has been on a downtrend inside the wedge for 2 years. It finally broke above the wedge last year during the month of December. Most recently, looking at the ascending channel we can see a morning star which is a doji ensuing a dominant bearish candlestick, followed by a bullish candle potentially indicating a bounce off the channel’s support heading upwards.


Since price broke out above  the descending wedge, we have a bullish bias. Furthermore the channel is rising which increases the certainty of our bias. The morning star clearly shows the rejection of lower prices at the support level with the long lower shadow of the last candlestick. Stay vigilant watching the markets as price action will guide on an ideal entry.

Disclaimer: This analysis is for educational and general information only and not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest. Do your own research/analysis and don’t blindly enter trades based on the analysis.

You are not financially stable until you have at least two to three streams of revenue. Let that sink for a minute. Any successful person will ultimately tell you that employment is a great way to earn our daily bread, but no one truly gets wealthy by relying solely on their monthly salaries or one source of income. There’s also a significant element of diversification of risks attached to this economic sense. 

Fortunately, it has never been easier to start an online business than today, where everyone has access to the internet, not to mention an influx of online information that is affordable and readily available. Let me rephrase that whole part. The Future of Education is already here; it’s called ‘The Internet.’ Whatever you want to learn is right there. From blogs, to podcasts, online courses, you name it! The only barrier is discipline. With a conscious search, you can easily access credible information and online courses that are tailored to suit your need(s).

It is said that a life without reflection is a life half-lived. As we go about life, we always have to stop once in a while, look around, evaluate our actions, and pose questions to ourselves. It is in this light that I invite you to take a trip with me to my mind. Today we talk about one of the most significant topics that most people are afraid to address. I will call it as it is, straight and direct with you. I will challenge you, and leave you re-evaluating your course of life by the end of this article, or at least it’s what I aim for. To replenish your reasoning and purpose in life. Let it keep you awake for the next couple of days, weeks, for you to step up and be a person of more value. Why would anyone settle and stay average anyways, barely ‘existing’, when there’s so many opportunities for growth, that would accord us high standards of life, and that of our posterity.

Quick question; How often do you call yourself to a meeting? To literally take yourself out for coffee, evaluate your progress, tell off your retrogressive habits/addictions, and pat yourself at the back for your successes or strides in life? Anything that’s not serving your goals and growth in life adds up to a groupie I call ‘demons’ that are responsible for keeping status quo in your life, or worse off, lowering your value socially and economically. It could be bad habits, toxic people, slacking in your comfort zone, lacking the self-drive to take action and get things done, not to mention the mother of them all, the ‘demon of procrastination.’

Still wondering why you must learn an online skill and start an online business?

Let’s ponder on the following soliloquies that I gathered to awaken our minds:

There’s a new order happening in life today, a major disruption in how we do business and how we go about our daily lives, ‘the digital disruption.’ It is said that about 40% of the jobs today will be scrapped by the advent of technology in the next five years or less. We have already witnessed companies systemize their operations thereby laying off their staff to cut on costs. As such, do you possess varied skills to cushion yourself should the dreaded disruption happen in your line of career/business? 

How many streams of income do you have currently apart from your job or business?

What more can you do with what you have?

Are you easily replaceable in your current job or career setting? Do you understand the dynamics of your career as to acknowledge the high number of overqualified people looking every day to replace you should you slack or underperform? 

Before you mark me out as a pessimist who’s here to wish misfortunes in your life, please take a minute to think through it all. I took it upon myself to challenge the status quo. This is a sensitive topic that most of your normal ‘friends’ and colleagues are afraid to discuss openly, leave alone to bring up. Whereas we can’t fight a revolution whose time has come, we can ‘be intentional’ about equipping ourselves with some valuable online skills that if well mastered, can turn out to be our greatest assets and sources of livelihood. There is never a downside in learning a new skill. No time or resources is ever wasted in learning a new skill, regardless of whether you apply it right away or later in your life. Attaining such knowledge is in itself a valuable asset that no one can rob you off, no matter the downturns of life.

Learning to trade online Forex and CFD’s, for instance, would be a great place to begin. A lot of varied information and views have been said about this profitable venture. Those who begin by acknowledging that they need proper education and mentorship to be professional traders soon reap from endless profits available in the forex markets every day. I must caution and insist, it is not a get-rich-quick business, as many would assume. One has got to adopt the mentality of approaching Forex as a business right from DAY ONE. That way you learn and keep your mind engrossed on how the business actually works.

Unfortunately, those that uphold this misplaced assumption are soon proven wrong, and they never live long enough to cross on the other side of making consistent profits in the long term from trading the markets. At Fourthstreet Consultants, we offer a comprehensive online course that allows you the freedom to learn from anywhere, and better still, access unlimited mentorship from our consultants both physically at our offices, and on phone or skype. Since the launch of our online course about two years ago, we have trained over one hundred new traders, varying from the working class, to students, to business people across all ages. Forex trading is an art that you learn and practice, and is for the take for anyone out there regardless of the educational background. Some of our trained traders have turned out to be corporate traders in financial institutions, while others choose to trade on their own and simply earn a living at the comfort of their homes.

Whereas all this sounds like a great deal of making a living, and it indeed is one of the most rewarding online skills anyone can invest and learn, it comes with a lot of hard work, focus, and the discipline to adhere strictly to the concepts and rules of the business. The most challenging part is usually mastering how to control one’s fear and greed, and of course learn profitable trading strategies while managing the risk exposure. No one should ever purport that one can learn trading the markets without proper education and mentorship from experienced traders, and ‘mint’ money overnight, or get-rich-quick from trading the markets. As Fourthstreet Consultants, we pride ourselves as the first Online Forex educators to be certified by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), which is the official government licensing body for industry-oriented courses and trainers. This certification allows us to offer certificates at the completion of the course that builds on your portfolio.

In a world where there’s too much-clustered information with all the ‘noise’ and unprecedented motives online, our course is professionally packaged and tailored to equip you with exactly what you need to get you right on track. With an experience of over ten years, our team of consultants understands your needs, and how to empower you through the learning curve until you can trade independently and profitably. Those with a keen eye for this exciting venture can begin here.

Other valuable online skills that one can partake apart from Trading the Forex & Indices include graphic design, coding, content writing, data analytics, transcription services, amongst others. Nowadays one can learn literally anything online. Even rocket science! At the end of the day, make sure to learn at least one or two online skills that would give you the most value, and earn a living from them. 

Here’s the best part. If you live long enough to practice and master your online skill, you’ll have gathered enough experience and knowledge to create an online course, to teach and empower others, just like we do right here at Fourthstreet Consultants, thereby creating a timeless additional source of income for you. It’s a win-win for you, Right??

As we wind up, let’s take a moment to review some of the main benefits/reasons why learning a money-making online skill is a MUST for you:

  1. Stability & Control Over your own life
    No one wants to hear this, but it is a fact that you have limited control over your life when your income is tied to a process you don’t control. Businesses suffer losses and eventually close, companies merge, and others get bought out. There’s no better way to be in control of your financial freedom than to learn online skills and start an online business where you’re not affected by any of the aforementioned factors. 
  2. Freedom
    Imagine living a life where you have no meetings, not bound to work from one place. All you need is your laptop and access to the internet and you’re good to go. You set your schedules for work and holidays. You don’t have to spend hours on traffic and beat crazy work deadlines.

    Your family gets the most of your time. What’s better than taking your daughter out for swimming on a Tuesday afternoon, just because you can! You simply own time. You’re your own boss.
  3. High Scalability
    The potential of the income that you can generate from an online business is simply unmatched. For instance, successful forex traders get to compound on your returns, as well as set up an investment fund as long as you can prove your skills and worth to potential investors. And better still, your income will not be a function of your time. You still get to follow your schedule and discipline of trading, but now with a bigger capital margin.

    If need be, and as you grow in your career, you may choose to systemize your trading so that your money works for you as you sleep.

In the words of Nelson Mandela – “There’s no Passion to be Found Playing small, and settling for a life that’s less than the one you’re capable of living.”