Today we are going to look at a recent topic we discussed in our first webinar the power of breakout trading. This pair had nice breakout trades that worked really well.

I want you to note how the market topped in the previous bullish trend. Can you identify the price pattern highlighted in yellow? Do you see the candlestick formation in the right top of the chart pattern? If not, feel free to visit for more information on our Price Action Trading Course.

As you may observe we see a break of the red trendline in the fall of the GBPUSD and we see close outside the bear trendline. Next we see a peculiar candlestick formation that show indecision. Then a strong decision confirms the investor sentiment. What is the price telling you? What is there to say when the price does the talking?


Our bias on this pair is to stay alert and we will have a very close to see how the bulls will react as price is at a zone of resistance.

Weekly Analysis

Hello guys,

This week we’ll be looking at the GBPJPY pair. We see that the pair has been on a downtrend for the most part. The main trend is bearish. Prices found a bottom and made some retracement. Then we see prices trading within a descending channel. At the most recent bottom of the descending channel, we see a hammer, signaling that there’s a high probability markets will reverse. They actually did reverse. Now at this point we have to wait for a clear breakout of the descending channel in order to have a clear signal of where the market will be headed.


Our bias is still bearish. The bulls have made a strong comeback by rejecting the prices moving lower and the confirmation by the bullish weeks.

A breakout outside the descending channel may show that the investors sentiment has changed and with the political drama of the Brexit we need to be careful trading this pair.

EURCHF Currency Pair Analysis

This pair has been making lower highs and lower lows so we are clearly in a downtrend.  The pair bottomed as it formed a tweezer bottom and here we see the prices momentarily pause and bounce off the support zone.

The pair struggled to get to the support area and then we see a weakness in the downtrend as the pair approaches the support area and we see a doji and a strong bullish day.

The bearish trend has shifted its momentum as the break of the trend line. As you can see the market has broken the near term trend line and the market is retesting the support area. Will the market continue the downtrend or the market will bounce back up?


The break of the bearish trend line shows that the momentum of the bear has shifted. Formation of the morning star at the support level may hint a change in the investor sentiment. We will watch this pair for further price action and let the price guide us to make further trading decisions.

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