On this week’s analysis of the Euro vs The Canadian Dollar. We’re looking at a weekly ascending channel. Price has been supported by the lower boundary and resisted by the upper boundary since 2012. The last two candle sticks are long legged dojis, which show uncertainty.


Indecision at the bottom of the channel may be an indication that bears are moving out of the market or just a pause in the downtrend. Therefore we need to wait for a confirmation of a break out or a bounce off the lower boundary of the channel.


On  this week’s analysis of the Dollar vs The Yen we have complete formation of a symmetrical triangle.This particular chart pattern, shows equal strength between the bulls and the bears. No one particular participant is dominant until the pattern breaks out. Price has broken out of the lower boundary of the triangle. In the recent weeks, the market has been ranging around the lower boundary, being retested.The lower boundary of the pattern which acted as support before has now turned into resistance. Last week’s candle has closed below all the previous week’s candlesticks in the retest.


Following the bearish candle, we’ll be careful to see whether bear power will be sustained. It is possible that price may turn back and into the triangle. Further price action will give us a clear indication of what is highly likely to happen.