This week’s analysis of the Euro Kiwi, is going to be a follow up on the analysis we did a fortnight ago. At the time of our previous analysis, price had just bounced off the neckline after the retest that is highlighted above. Bears came in and further pushed price lower. During the week that has just ended, bulls came in to the market and commenced a price rally.


Following the double top breakout, price hit our targets, which is usually the height or distance of the tops. This setup gave us slightly more pips than our expectation.With bulls currently in control. We wait for price action to clarify whether their momentum will take price back to our neckline or bears will continue with their waterfall of price after the bullish retracement.


Looking at the Pound Aussie, price is trading within a weekly ascending channel. The channel has held price since 2017. We can clearly see the lower boundary acting as a strong support zone. Denoted by how much price trends after a bounce off of it. Our resistance level being the upper boundary of the channel.


Currently a bullish engulfing has formed. This candlestick formation is a potential reversal signal. Happening at a support zone, it increases our bullish bias. As always price will guide us to ascertain whether we are going to see higher prices