This week’s analysis will be a follow up on the pair of the Pound against the Dollar based on the analysis we did on the pair two weeks ago. True to our previous analysis, we have seen a breakout from the descending triangle and prices actually move bearish like we anticipated. The bear move was not very strong as it reversed after about 100 pips. The candlestick formation signaled that the bear power is diminishing, and the bulls have taken control of the pair, and are already pushing the price upwards.


Following the bullish pressure witnessed towards close of last week, this week we will be keen to follow if the bulls have enough muscles to continue pushing prices up. The next possible target level is the near-term resistance zone at price 1.33471.


This week, we are also going to follow up on this pair that we analyzed last week. Our bias was bearish after the breakout and pullback that occurred on the chart. The bears have momentarily pushed the prices down. Currently we see some indecision candles on a minor level.


We will be waiting to see whether there will be a possible reversal or if the bears will continue to push the prices further down. We continue to monitor this pair.