On this week’s analysis, we’ll be looking at the daily chart of pound dollar. Swiftly we can see price has been on an uptrend since December last year. Early this year, price topped twice at the major resistance level. A consolidation followed thereafter in the form of a descending triangle. Within the triangle it is visible that the line of least resistance is downwards. Therefore it is no surprise that price broke out and closed below the triangle. The most recent candle stick has an upper shadow, which is highly likely a pullback on the lower timeframes.


Evidence of a close below and a retest shifts our bias on this setup to be quite bearish. We closely monitor the pair to see how much further  the bear momentum will persist.


We’re going to look at this analysis from the weekly timeframe. Price has been making a series of lower highs for the last 2 years. At the same time we see a series of higher lows from late last year consequently forming a symmetrical triangle. The triangle is still intact with no breakout in sight. However within it, there’s a double bottom that has broken out and closed above the neckline.


In order to trade the triangle, our rules suggest we wait for a breakout on either side of the pattern. The double bottom breakout may give us a reason to believe that a bull market is imminent. Nevertheless a breakout above the triangle will confirm this hunch. We may even see a pullback on the double bottom first before any further action. Hence we remain patient but vigilant for clear signals guided by a breakout to open positions.