USDCHF Weekly Analysis 18th - 22nd Feb

Today we shall approach the analysis on this pair from the weekly timeframe. We establish that prices on the pair has been ranging for some years since 2014. The market has been on a major consolidation, and currently, price is ranging in the form of an ascending triangle. In addition, the flat side of the ascending triangle, lies on a major level that has acted both as a support and resistance level in the past.


In as much as we have an ascending triangle, it is not obvious that we should now open long positions. Instead, to go long we have to wait for a breakout from the triangle and the resistance line, i.e. a retest and a confirmation before open a position. Price could also be resisted at the major support level/the flat side of the triangle and push downwards. Therefore at this point, we should sit on our hands and wait for the market to guide us on the next course of action.