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The Complete Forex Course

Learn How to Trade Profitably Through Our Simplified Price Action Online Forex Course. Our Course is Inclusive of Two Years of Free Consultation & Mentorship. We understand Exactly what You Need To Be A Successful Profitable Trader For Life. Let’s Help You Become a Profitable Trader & Achieve Financial Freedom.

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A comprehensive course by a team of experienced world-class traders that covers basic & advanced price action trading, forex charting, technical analysis, trader’s psychology and other paramount subjects on forex trading.

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Our Story

Who We are

Fourthstreet Consultants was Founded by Joshua Matumo in 2017. Joshua started his trading career back in 2009 when he was studying at Strathmore University. Having navigated through the Financial markets industry for close to a decade, and actively impacted different Industry forums, Joshua, a naturally gifted Teacher & Trader, went Ahead To Forge a Comprehensive and All-inclusive Professional Online Forex Trading Course that Traders Across Africa Could.......

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Everything You need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of grouped physical classes which are usually crowded and ineffective, we offer personalized one-on-one online coaching/consultation with our team of expert trades. We hold online consultations twice every week for our students traders. So You can subscribe to our Online Forex Course and Access free mentorship from anywhere Across Africa & Beyond.

We not only offer you a comprehensive Online Forex Course, but also we walk with you through-out your trading journey. We do not relent until you can trade on your own. The goal is to make you a profitable Trader for life. To help you make money consistently trading on your own. Other benefits; Our Course also opens you up to other opportunities in the Forex Industry, Including Working for Forex Brokerage Companies, Money Managers/Hedge Funds, and Financial Market Analysts.

If you dedicate two hours every day, It will take you approximately two months to complete our Complete Forex course.

Once you Complete the course Successfully & Commit Yourself To follow the trading guidelines we teach, you can make between 4% - 8% Monthly Profits out of your Total Trading Capital

Yes indeed. As long as you learn the skills and the disciplines required to trade the forex markets professionally, you can make a living entirely from Forex trading. Our Founder, Joshua Matumo is a great example.

Yes, we offer certificates after completing our course. Our students do a short simple test after completing the course after which we offer them a certificate that is Valued and Recognized Across the Industry in Africa.

Yes. Once you subscribe to any of our online courses, you have lifetime access to your online course, as well as other benefits that come with it.

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Learn and Earn

Looking to get financial freedom by earning while you’re learning? This course is for you!

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Career Choice

This training course is a career choice that can transform your life and give you financial freedom.

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Analytical Skills

Open your mind to the global financial market, how currencies are exchanged, how to analyze and read the markets

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Expert Team

The course is practical and you will learn from experienced traders with a win-win track record.

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The freedom to make money from anywhere if you possess a computer and can access internet

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Exclusive Resources

Gain access to exclusive resources such as cheat sheets, and reference materials that supplement your learning journey.

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This course comes with on demand one-on-one consultation with our experienced expert traders.

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Stay updated with the latest trends, strategies, and news shaping the forex market in Kenya.