I must admit, it has been a while since I penned down an article, and what better topic to pick up than to demystify some of the biggest misconceptions about the Forex/Financial markets. It is okay for one to be inquisitive and doubtful, especially being quite a unique class of financial investment for many, but how you act upon getting the information and clarification is of utmost essence. Stick with me in this one, let’s indulge. In this article, as is always my thing, we are going to have a chat, one of those sessions where all you get to do is sip your coffee as I do the talking. 

Is forex trading legitimate? We are talking about the most liquid financial market in the world where more than 5.3 trillion dollars is exchanged every day. In economics, we call it an ‘over the counter’ business. This means than no one institution, no one retail company/Individual, no one country can control the forex markets. It is this high liquidity and stability that causes volatility, i.e. prices of different currencies and commodities moving up and down frequently and continuously. Oh, that last sentence is broken down for you like I am explaining to a five year old to ensure that all you do in this coffee chat is nod, and not ask questions. So that is how enormous the forex market is. It’s a conglomeration of buyers and sellers, everyone putting in their share (capital) on the table, and then trading taking place 24 hours, five straight days in a week, i.e. Sunday midnight to Friday midnight. These are details you can verify in our era of unlimited access to information.

Having said that, everything boils down to how you approach the forex markets, how knowledgeable you are about trading, your ability to analyze the markets for the best trading opportunities, i.e. the best buying and selling positions. I took you through how to approach forex as a business in our previous coffee hangout, that is how to trade forex as a business 

Moving on, did you know that your local bank performs forex trading every day? That your bank has forex traders on desks who trade forex (buy and sell currencies) on behalf of the bank? You may have walked into your bank to buy or exchange currencies, even better, you probably had to negotiate to get a good rate, especially if it was a considerable amount. This is the most realistic and open act of forex trading I can put across today. Your local bank has a team of dedicated forex traders who watch market prices daily, both local and international currencies, in order to trade and make money for the bank by taking advantage of the exchange rate variations. Every small tick in the price, up or down is an opportunity for them to buy or sell and bank some profits out of the margins. And good for them, we have entrusted our savings with them thereby guaranteeing them of liquidity. That part there my friend, is forex trading for you in its purest form.

That being said, the next big question for you would be; can I trade forex for a living? Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I started Forex trading 11 years ago. I have been trading fulltime up to date. I wake up to it every day, and I live off trading. The forex trading online course that we offer at Fourthstreet Consultants that comes with one on one training sessions is only an extension of our skills attained over many years, sharing our wisdom and mentorship to those willing to take up one of the most rewarding careers, when undertaken with utmost knowledge and skill. However, that is my story in a nutshell, and it’s not our hangout agenda for the day. If you wish, we can plan for another coffee hangout to talk about my journey, my career, the highs and the lows, then you get to know more about myself.

You can trade forex either part time or full time. This is largely dependent on a number of factors, some personal and others capital related. For instance, if you have a fulltime job, it would be best for you to trade part-time. All you would need to do is employ trading techniques which require you to analyze the forex markets and place your trades every close of day. These lessons and skills are all covered in expansive video lessons and well laid out trading strategies available on our online forex course, together with personalized training sessions that we offer at our offices. The beauty of forex trading platforms is that they provide the parameters for you to scale and control your risk and reward, as such, you get to limit how much you can lose or gain anytime you are placing a trade, whether you are present online or not. We teach about end of day market analysis trade executions in our comprehensive forex course. This is where you get to analyze the various currency and commodity markets to place trades based on rewarding opportunities at night towards the close of the day’s trading session. In a previous hangout, I talked about how correlated trading and hunting is, you can catch up on all that here. This article goes ahead to expound that in forex trading, the best trades are the ones that are carefully selected (hunted), and that less is more in trading. This means that you only need a few quality trade set-ups in a month to make your margin as opposed to executing too many trades. Too many trades means more exposure of your capital, and therefore more risk to your portfolio.

That being said, one can as well take up forex trading full time. And what’s better yet, even for those who do trading as their main job doesn’t need to be stuck on their computer screens the whole day. You only need to screen and analyze the different forex charts for trading opportunities periodically, for example every four hours, or six hours, or for some traders like me, every 12 hours. This gives you the freedom and the space to take care of some other business and/or family while at the same time allowing your trades the space and time that they need to work out as per your edge. However, for it to be fully rewarding and supportive for your daily needs, you would need to invest a significant amount of capital for the reckonings to work out. Just like any other business, investing a bigger capital yields more considerable returns that would sustain you for a fulltime business. Don’t fall in the fantasy and misconceptions that are out there that you can make high returns in forex trading from a small amount of capital. IT NEVER WORKS.

And this is where we call it a day for our coffee hangout. Thank you for being a decent audience, even when your right of speech was breached ☺.


Joshua Matumo


Financial Trader, Enterpreneur, Writer.

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